Protoport Personal Firewall

Proxy Chain



Network Settings

  • Disable all network activity - this will block all received and sent network packets, if checked.
  • Block all unknown packets silently - block packets that do not match any rules silently, istead of poping up Unknown Packet window.
  • Learning mode. Show warnings on unknown packets. - show Unknown Packet window for all packets that do not have any rule matched.
  • Enable anti-hacker protection. - enable anti-hacker protection. This will detect network attacks, and block remote IP addterres via black list
  • Assume port scan if denied rule is matched. Port scanning - is attempt to send packet to unused or already closed port. If this option is enabled, program will treat denied by rule packets exacly the same as packed sent to unused ports.
  • Assome port scan attempt if received multicast UDP packet. - this will assume port scan if multicast UDP packet received.
  • Resolve host names within firewall windows. - show host names within firewall windows instead of IP addresses.

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