Protoport Personal Firewall

Proxy Chain



* Please note: some information on screenshot is hidden with asterisks for security means. You will see entire information even in unregistered version of Protoport Firewall.

Packet Window - Description

Tabs: descriptionraw data

This window appears when firewall has got a network packet, that does not match any rule, and learning mode is enabled.

Window Controls

  • Packet description control - this describes the packet.
  • Allow entire connection - click the button if you want to allow entire TCP connection. For all other non-TCP packets, the button acts eaxactly like the following:
  • Allow this packet only - click the button if you want to allow a packet.
  • Block - this button will deny the packet.
  • Create appropriate rule and don't ask me again - when selected, Protoport Firewall will create a rule. Selected in packet description control items will be automatically added to rule.

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