Protoport Personal Firewall

Proxy Chain



Edit Rule :: WebGuard

This window allows to edit default Web Guard settings. User can override these settings within webguard tab on main window.

  • Block Banners - this will block banners images it their size looks like a banner size or their URL is in black list (see webguard configuration for more information)
  • Block Java Script - this will block java and visual basic scripts on a webpage
  • Block ActiveX and Flash movies - this will not allow to load any ActiveX of Flash content
  • Block Cookies - this will block cookies. Cookies are used to identify your computer on websites. Cookies may and may not contain personal information like email or postal address.
  • Block Referer - this will block referer field in HTTP request header. Referers are used to identify a webpage you came from.
  • Block User Agent - this will block user agent field in HTTP request header.

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