Protoport Personal Firewall

Proxy Chain



* Please note: some information on screenshot is hidden with asterisks for security means. You will see entire information even in unregistered version of Protoport Firewall.


This window shows current network connections made by applications.


  • PID - process identifier
  • Application - application name
  • Protocol - IP protocol
  • Local Address - local endpoint
  • Remote Addres - remote endpoint
  • State - connection state:

    Listen - application is waiting for incoing connection
    Incoming - there is already established and active incoming connection
    Outgoing - application has established active outgoing connection
    Closed - the connection is closed recently
    SYN_SENT - application is connected to remote endpoint: it sent TCP packet with SYN flag set, and is waiting for reply from remote host.
    SYN_RCVD - application is listening for incoming connections, and received TCP packet with SYN flag set
    FIN_WAIT1 - local socket is closed, and the connection is shutting down.
    FIN_WAIT2 - connection is closed, and the socket is waiting for a shutdown from the remote end.
    TIME_WAIT - the socket is waiting after close for remote shutdown retransmission.
    CLOSE_WAIT - the remote end has shut down, waiting for the socket to close.
    LAST_ACK - waiting for closing of already opened connection
  • Time Created - shows the timestamp when local socket was created
  • Bytes Received - shows how many bytes were received by application
  • Bytes Sent - shows how many bytes were send to remove host by application

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