Protoport Sendmail Server

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Put your emails directly to recipient's mailbox

Protoport Sendmail Server is powerful replacement of your current SMTP server.

Unique feaures

  • Recipient will receive email right away.
  • No internal queue is involved
  • You do not need SMTP server of your internet server provider.
  • The program cahes DNS requests for even faster email delivery
  • User may specify up to 1000 different SMTP servers that will be used if email can not be delivered directly to it's mailbox.
  • Protoport Sendmail Server uses very few system resources, and can be run on any computer with Windows system installed.

How does it work

  • Protoport Sendmail Server installs as a local SMTP server
  • User setup email client to use this SMTP server
  • When sending email, the server will catch all emails, and put them directly to recipient's email box.
  • That is it. User may still continue using his/her favorite email client, as usual.

Download Protoport Sendmail Server: mailserv.exe (only 84 KB)

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