Protoport Personal Firewall

Proxy Chain




Here you can setup appearance of Protoport Firewall and some security options.


  • Show popup window near system tray area - sometimes program may need to notify user about some events. This option enables or disables such notifications.
  • Keep balloon window for NN seconds - specifies how long to keep popup window on a screen, if above option is enabled.
  • Show icon in system tray area - this will put program's icon in system tray area (near the clock).


  • Password is required to access this window - if enabled, program will ask for a password when user opens firewall window.
  • Type the password - type the password here.
  • Mask password with asterisks. - disable this item if you want to see the password

Application Control

  • Notify me when application code was changed - this enables application control feature. If application is ever changed, it will loose access to network resources. Protoport Personal Firewall will notify user about this. User will be able to accept application changes, and allow application to connect to the network, or deny it, and block all network packets, issued by the application.
  • Check loaded modules as well - in addition to applications, Protoport Personal Firewall will check out loaded modules, as well (these are DLL, OCX, any plugins and other modules statically or dynamically linked to the application).
  • Do not alert me about new modules until [DATE] - most applications load modules only when they need them. For example, Internet Explorer will load pngfilt.dll module only if a .PNG image is found on a webpage. So, several few days there may be very many false warnings about new lodules, that are not new really. Such allerts may be stopped by enabling this checkbox by specified date.

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